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Susanna Bigger

Senior Pastor ICF Zurich & ICF Movement

Susanna and her husband Leo Bigger are the founders and lead pastors of ICF Zurich, the largest church in Switzerland, welcoming over 3,000 visitors weekly across six locations and additionally reaching over 20,000 people through digital offerings. In 1996, they established the ICF (International Christian Fellowship) with the vision of creating a relevant and dynamic church for the younger generation. As the leaders of the ICF Movement, a global initiative with over 60 churches in 13 countries, they continuously make impactful contributions. Married since 1991, they are parents to two adult sons and reside near Zurich. They consciously strive to live authentically and convincingly, serving as role models and, together with their team, inspire many people in Switzerland and across Europe.



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Susanna Bigger on Tour

  • 2 March 2024Conference - Life Conference Den Haag City Life Church Den Haag, Escamplaan 280, 2547 GP Den Haag, Niederlande
  • 10 March 2024Church Service - ICF Bielefeld ICF Bielefeld, Feilenstraße 5-7, 33602 Bielefeld, Deutschland

    Service Times: 10 + 12 Uhr
    More Info: https://www.icf-bielefeld.de/

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